Willows-Recreational playground in a central location

January 8, 2009


Veteran's Memorial Hall

Veteran's Memorial Hall

Willows is located in the northern end of the Sacramento Valley, 90 minutes from the state capitol, Sacramento.  Interstate 5 and Highway 99W north and south with Highway 162 providing east and west access. Redding is a 1 hour drive north and CHico is a 30 minute drive east.  The old Interstate  99 offers lots of history throughout a leisurely drive.  Willows is the county seat for Glenn County.

Outdoor enthusiasts will love Willows.  We are in close proximity to various recreational activities and fun for all ages.  All within a short drive, there is boating, fishing, hunting, Thunderhill Raceway, parks, scenic wildflower drives, agriculture abound, as well as activities within the town of Willows.

Willows climate has an average temperature of 61 degrees with summer highs ranging to 105.  WIllows has an average rainfall of 17 inches, and winters are mild and wet.

Population is approx. 6300 people.  Schools include:  Willows Elementary (Murdock), WIllows Intermediate School (WIS), Willows HIgh School (WHS) and Willows Community School.  Butte College offers some classes in the area also.

Willows has a public transit called the Glenn Ride as well as a taxi service.  A small airport is located to the west of town across from WalMart.

Butte City-Best kept secret in Glenn County

January 7, 2009

Butte CIty is a sleeply little community in the south-eastern portion of Glenn County.  Duck hunters know this little town for the jubilant festivities at the little hole in the wall bar and the small convenience store at the four corners.  This communty is located on the east side of the Sacramento River and has a boat ramp for public use.  Agriculture surrounds this communty on all sides, with the main commody being rice.

Hamilton City-Bedroom town to Chico

January 7, 2009

Hamilton City is located in the north-eastern portion of Glenn County, just 10 miles west of Chico on Highway 32 and Highway 45.  Population of approximately 1903, this town has Elementry and High Schools used for the community.  A mixture of restaurants, gas stations and small convenience stores adorn this town that is located near the Sacramento River with access to such.  Hamilton City boost the California State High School Football Camps for 2008, a major feat for this small town.

Glenn-Bayliss-Ord Bend areas- Agriculture based communities

January 7, 2009

The area of Glenn and Bayliss are small communities that are not incorporated but known to the area for their unique atributes.  All communities have farming and ranching areas that mainly consist of orchards, rice and dairies.  All are located near the Sacramento River, east of Willows on or near Highway 45.  All three communities have  volunteer fire departments that help tie the community together with their funtions and sense of community.  Besides farming, hunting and fishing are the main activities of these areas.  Ord Bend has a small park with picnic area and boat ramp.  Amazing sights of waterfowl flying and nesting in the area make this a popular place for the hunting enthuists and wildlife viewers.

Elk Creek-Neslted in the foothills with fishing and hunting

January 7, 2009

Elk Creek is a small town in Glenn County, located west of WIllows in the foothill area.  Population is aroiund 250.  It is home to the smallest public high school in California, which has a population of about 35 students in grades 7 through 12.  A rancheria called Grindstone, which was formed in 1906 is located approsimately 7 miles north of town.  The best known landmark nearby is a mountain named Bidwell Point.  The town of Elk Creek is located just north of Stony Gorge Reservoir, which is a nice place for camping, fishing and boating.  Elk Creek runs from the dam at Stony Gorge into another lake a bit further up the map called Black Butte Lake, also excellant place to fish, boat, camp, hike and partake in various outdoor activities.  Hunting is restricted to shotguns and bows.

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