Elk Creek-Neslted in the foothills with fishing and hunting

January 7, 2009

Elk Creek is a small town in Glenn County, located west of WIllows in the foothill area.  Population is aroiund 250.  It is home to the smallest public high school in California, which has a population of about 35 students in grades 7 through 12.  A rancheria called Grindstone, which was formed in 1906 is located approsimately 7 miles north of town.  The best known landmark nearby is a mountain named Bidwell Point.  The town of Elk Creek is located just north of Stony Gorge Reservoir, which is a nice place for camping, fishing and boating.  Elk Creek runs from the dam at Stony Gorge into another lake a bit further up the map called Black Butte Lake, also excellant place to fish, boat, camp, hike and partake in various outdoor activities.  Hunting is restricted to shotguns and bows.


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