Glenn County-Hunting, Fishing, Agricultural

January 7, 2009

Glenn County is located in Northern California about half way between Sacramento and Redding, along the I-5 corridor.  Glenn County is primarily an agricultural community with mountains on the west, the Interstate 5 corridor taking you through rich farm land and the Sacramento River bounding the east side of the County.   With over 1,188 farms, agriculture remains the primary source of Glenn County’s economy.  Major commodities include rice, almonds, walnuts, olives, milk products, prunes and livestock.  Glenn County was incorporated March 5, 1891.  The county seat, Willows was created March 11, 1891.  Glenn County was developed out of the northern portion of Colusa County and was named for Dr. Hugh J. Glenn, who was the largest wheat famer in the state during his lifetime and a man of great prominence in political and commercial life in California.  Glenn County has a population of 26,950.

Good fishing and hunting is available at numerous creeks, streams and reservoirs in the Coastal Mountain range located in the western portion of the county.  World class salmon and shad runs occur in the Sacramento River.  Easy, cheap or free, access to the Sacramento River is available for yourself or your boat.  Due to the great tracts of land set aside exclusively for duck sanctuary, duck hunting in Glenn County is considered world class.  This abundance of ducks and geese available for hunting brings hundreds of hunters from around the world to Glenn County.


Glenn County Map

Glenn County Map


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