Orland-Close knit community with Ranch style living

January 7, 2009

Orland is an agricultural community nestled in the northern end of the Sacramento Valley on Interstate 5.  The climate is mediterranean, with cool wet winters and hot, dry summers.  Almonds, olives, prunes, dairy products and orchard crops are the main commodities in the Orland Area, where the growing season lasts from April until September. 

Orland is blessed with 5 well-kept community parks, softball and soccer fields, and many community service organizations,  There are 4 schools from Kindergarten to high school and the Butte Community College Glenn County Center is located east of town on Highway 32, where classes are offered both day and night,

Orland is situated just 20 miles west of Chico, home of California State University, Chico.  The Glenn Ride is a bus service that transports Orland residents to points in Glenn and Butte County on a daily basis.